New: Double pointed needle set for knitting felted slippers now available!

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double pointed needles, size 8.0mm / US 11 - I wool KnitWe have listened to our customers and now stock double pointed needles in size 8.0 mm/US11 (sets of 5 needles) necessary for making felted slippers with our felting yarns

In Australia, shops often sell sets of 4 double pointed needles rather than sets of 5, whereas in Europe, sets of 5 are the norm. The use of both types of needle sets is very similar: You either divide your total number of stitches across 3 holding needles and knit with a fourth needle, or you divide them across 4 needles and knit with the fifth. 

However, there are benefits to using a set of 5 needles which are due to the size of the angle between your holding needles. Essentially, with a 5-needle set you are knitting in a square rather than a triangle (set of 4 needles). As a result, there are wider angles between the needles when using a set of 5 compared to a set of 4 needles, and you are less likely to end up with "ladders" of looser stitches at the transition points between needles.

Double pointed needle set in size 8.00mm for knitting felted slippers now available! 


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