Fun and Funky Knitting

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Fun and Funky Knitting

In our weekly book review, we look at "Fun & Funky Knitting" by Emma King. 
This book is aimed at the weekend knitter or somebody looking for small and quick projects that are fun to make.

Many of the projects would appeal particularly to a younger audience, so if you are a young knitter starting out or you would like to knit something for a young girl or a teenager, you will probably find this book quite inspiring. There are also projects for all ages, including socks, gloves, hats and scarves.

Fun and Funky Knitting book cover - I Wool KnitMost designs are suitable for a beginner knitter.

Given the nature and size of the projects in this book (bags, scarves, hats, gloves, belts and various accessories), this is a great book for those wanting to try out different techniques without being overwhelmed by taking on a huge project!

There is also useful introductory section for the beginner knitter which includes illustrated instructions of basic knitting skills, such as casting on, basic stitches (knit, purl), intarsia and fair isle knitting, increasing and decreasing and binding off. 

The instructions for each project are well laid out and easy to read, again a bonus for a beginner knitter. Some patterns come with additional illustrated instructions for techniques that are specific to that particular project, for example how to do a "lazy daisy stitch" to create a floral pattern over stockinette stitch, or how to knit with pearls. 


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