Book Review: The Shape of Knitting by Lynne Barr

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Book Review: The Shape of Knitting by Lynne Barr

Here is a book for serious and experienced knitters on the look-out for new challenges. "The Shape of Knitting" by Lynne Barr is "a master class" in shaping garments, accessories and other knitted items through craftful increases and decreases.

Book cover "The Shape of Knitting" by Lynne BarrThe end result are a range of items that straddle the border between knitwear and art.

Some of Lynne Barr's designs are truly amazing and very inspiring. 

A word of warning though: Don't be fooled by the step-by-step illustrations of knitting techniques and how to create her patterns, this is not a book for a beginner knitter (unless you are very dedicated and happy to jump in at the deep end!). This is serious stuff for those who want to develop their craft to master level.

Not every pattern in this book will be to everyone's taste, but even if you don't like the actual items, you will still find inspiration from the truly interesting pattern ideas Lynne Barr has developed and put together. 

This is one of those rare books that may appeal more on second and third reading. Recommended reading!

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