Knitting Art and Zen: Madame Tricot

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Knitting Art and Zen: Madame Tricot

„Je tricote, donc je suis. Je suis, donc je tricote“ (I knit, therefore I am. I am, therefore I knit) Madame Tricot 2012

The H+H Cologne Trade Fair was not only a great place to experience the latest fashion  trends, one of the absolute highlights was Madame Tricot's knitted butcher shop. 

Paris-born Madame Tricot studied medicine and art history. Her knitted artworks have been on display in exhibitions in numerous museums and galleries across Switzerland. The incredibly realistic looking pieces of "knitted meat" are a reflection of her interest in the line between life, death and decay. 

Madame Tricot - Knitted Butcher Shop - H+H cologne 2016

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Madame Tricot is not only an amazing knit artists, she is also a well know Swiss psychiatrist under her civilian name of Dominique Koehler Schweizer. In her work she uses the therapeutic effect of knitting to help people overcome trauma and find peace and happiness: 

"The rhythmic, bilateral, repetitive activity, associated with the complex cognitive process, is one of the best therapeutic tools to treat traumata. Knitting is really Zen and one of the best ways to improve awareness." (

Her slogan „I knit, therefore I am. I am, therefore I knit“ really means: "I think, I feel, I create, I move coordinated, therefore I am in myself."

«Knitting Art is the Guarantee of Inner Peace and Happiness»
Madame Tricot 2015

Happy Knitting!

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